We choose our commercial sponsors carefully. This year, our work has been made much easier thanks to financial help from our principal sponsor Invest Southwest, Taunton’s award-winning independent financial advisers.








We are also grateful for support from the Quantock Lavender Company.


Happiness is … world-class music on your doorstep!


If you're anything like us, your idea of a great night out means world-class music on your doorstep … in the villages and towns around Somerset’s lovely Quantock Hills.


We think a brilliant atmosphere is just as important as the music.


So, whenever you arrive at one of our concerts you can be sure it will be packed and bursting with life! And before the music starts you will have plenty of time to talk to friends over a relaxing drink and savour delicious food served to create the perfect social occasion.


Everyone should be able to experience great music on their doorstep.


But, you know, when it comes to classical music far too many people stay away because concerts in rural areas have a dreadful reputation for being stuffy, staid, worthy and … well, just plain dreary! Unfortunately, yes, go to some concerts and you could be forgiven for thinking that classical music is only for older people or the preserve of exclusive social elites.


Well, we are changing that. People of all ages and backgrounds come to our concerts because we present classical music in a totally modern way.


We don’t use labels like high-brow, low-brow or any kind of brow. And we avoid the arty affectations and the silly customs that linger on at far too many concerts elsewhere.


Sure, we have ruffled the feathers of the purists and, to mix a metaphor, the dinosaurs who give classical music such a bad name, but great music should be for everyone!

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